Friday, August 28, 2015

Microstory 135: Don Colonomos

Spyridon ‘Don’ Colonomos was born in Greece as one of the earlier anomalies. His was similar to Jaklyn Simonds ability to teleport, and Starla Wakefield’s ability to possess others, but with many limitations. If he had a general idea of where someone was, he could send his consciousness to their location and witness the goings on from a third person perspective. That is, he could go somewhere when he knew someone there, but he couldn’t just travel the world whenever he felt like it. He could interact with people by sight and sound, but not by touch, taste, or smell. The default setting was that no one could see or hear him, so he would have to purposely open himself up to them. And this was true of every individual, meaning that he couldn’t theoretically show himself to an entire crowd at once. He would have to invite them one by one. While Starla’s ability caused her body to lose function from being separated from her consciousness too long and too often, Don’s body remained perfectly intact. While his spirit was gone, his body would go into a deep hibernation, and then return to normalcy once he went back to it. Don would use his ability to check in on his friends, but rarely chose to let them see him. He felt an urge to protect them, but had little interest in interacting with them. He received good grades in school, and later went on to become a doctor, starting a private practice with a modest number of clients. A patient of his whose foster family he had helped her escape from—since they thought her to be far younger than she really was—would later become a founding member of Bellevue. He discovered two other anomalies on his own, and took them in when they had no other family. Once the time was right, he pushed for them to join Bellevue with him. One of them, Valary Sela, fell into a leadership position, and made the majority of the decisions regarding its ultimate purpose. Her policies would remain well past her tenure, and were partly responsible for the salvation of the world decades later. The other, Hosanna Katz, would become the glue that held together disparate factions. Whenever an individual was hesitant to join, or when two groups began to disagree with each other, Hosanna was always there to provide them with necessary perspective. Don spent what little he had left of his life as the primary care physician for the organization while it was still in its major recruitment stages.

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