Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Microstory 117: Milo Chombers

Despite the fact that his real given name was Midas, Milo Chombers could not perform elemental transmutation, since that would break a number of physical laws. He could instead manipulate metals in a variety of other ways. He was said to have the greatest range of abilities than anyone. At first, Milo could only sense the vibrations of metallic objects. This allowed him to, for instance, find gold on the beach with no tools. Using time and patience, however, Milo accumulated a number of related but still different abilities. He later discovered that he could survive electrical surges, and was able to dissipate a charge safely with only a thought. After that, he learned to manipulate the shape and density of metal to suit his needs. He could roll up a sheet of aluminum foil and then increase its hardness so that it was as strong as steel. He could also disintegrate metallic objects. After unwillingly receiving a treatment designed to enhance anomaly abilities in general, he started being able to control magnetism, and could telekinetically move objects with enough magnetic attraction. Using all of his abilities, he invented a lightweight, and rather form-fitting, but sturdy suit of armor that would protect him from the rare nonmetallic weapons enemies may try to use against him, and also gave him the ability to fly. He was not a superhero, and did not go out on field operations. Seeing the need for it, he became the founder and leader of Bellevue’s security department, eventually protecting all of the inhabitants of the entire city that grew around headquarters.

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