Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Microstory 127: Baldwin Grant

When Baldwin Grant was in tertiary school, he came under the rage of a bully. The bully would torture him both physically and emotionally, but he was always careful to never leave a mark, or any other proof that anything had happened. He was always so nice to everyone else, so no one believed Baldwin when he made his accusations. Baldwin’s anger over the matter seethed in his mind, and he formulated a plan. He had always hesitated to use his ability because of the ramifications for the spacetime continuum. There was no telling what could happen after one of his jumps, but the bully problem had developed beyond any other choice. With the help of his little sister, he discovered that he could take other people into the past with him if he so chose, and it was this feature that allowed his plan to work. One day, in the middle of class, he stood up from his seat, walked over to his bully, and just began beating him ruthlessly. The teacher and the other students eventually managed to pull him off, but the damage was done. Baldwin smiled and threw his consciousness back in time to the moment just before standing up, taking only his tormentor with him. All of the sudden, the bully jumped out of his seat and started freaking out, claiming that Baldwin had just attacked him. Unfortunately for him, from the perspective of everyone else, that never happened. Only he and Baldwin had any memory of the event. The bully never went back to school, but stayed home to learn by private tutor while receiving counseling and psychological treatments.

Baldwin continued to hone his skills and study his limitations. He could only experience a span of time twice at the most. If he went back one minute, and then waited for two minutes, then he could only go back one minute at the most, because he had just hit his wall. He would never be able to go back to an earlier moment in his life and alter some older decision. He could, however, send his consciousness to witness an alternate reality that would have sprung from that altered decision, allowing him to see what might have been. When Baldwin’s former school bully, Gregory Schuster caught up with him many years later, he thanked him; not for the beating, but for opening his eyes to his inner demons. Older and wiser, the two of them became incredibly close friends. Together, they opened up a private practice and used the second part of his ability to help people understand their mistakes, and put their pasts behind them so that they could find peace and move on. Baldwin would go on to become a mentor for Verner Holt in his own goal of helping people.

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