Friday, August 21, 2015

Microstory 130: Therasia Jarvi

Therasia Jarvi might have been the most powerful anomaly of all. She could manipulate the movement of atoms, exciting them or slowing them at will. This allowed her to make the immediate area hot, cold, or windy. With better control, she was able to generate fire, ice, and water. Other anomalies could do one or two of these things, but Therasia could do them all. The more she practiced, the better she became, and the wider her range. It was theorized that, if she worked hard enough, she would be able to alter the climate of the entire world. That she wanted, she could have destroyed the planet. Therasia lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba which was one of the coldest cities in the world. She was excited when she discovered what she could do, and hoped to one day use her abilities as a superhero. Unrelated to her abilities, her parents had trouble understanding her. She did well in school, and got along with her classmates for the most part, but she also had a strange way about her. The world of psychology was only recently starting to investigate autism spectrum disorder, and history would later suggest that she would have been diagnosed as belonging somewhere on the spectrum had the field been ready for her. She expressed ideas and made connections between things that people had trouble relating to. There were concepts in her head that made sense to her, but not to most others. She was one of only a handful of people to be put on a list by the founders of Bellevue, so they were able to find her with no prompting. They insisted that she complete tertiary school, but in the meantime, was allowed to visit the hotel regularly. A boy who was only a couple years older was just finishing college at the same time and was placed in a similar sort of probationary period. They quickly latched on to each other, but the other members made her feel equally as valuable. Before Bellevue, however, there was really only one person who loved her without question; her best friend, Marissa. And it wasn’t even until later that Marissa learned of her secret...

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