Thursday, August 20, 2015

Microstory 129: Andrew Langlais

There was something very poetic about Emmanuelle and her brother, Andrew Langlais. They were package deal. Through a rare process called superfetation, their mother became pregnant with Andrew at a time when she was already pregnant with Emmanuelle. The doctors were worried about complications, what with Andrew being three months premature, yet they were both born healthier than most. In fact, they grew up never having gotten sick even once. Though not considered twins, the two of them were inseparable. They did practically everything together, and knew all of each other’s secrets. One day in primary school, Emmanuelle broke her arm on the Vector field and was sent to the school doctor. An older girl was in the office at the same time with a painful illness. She was suffering from stomach pains, a migraine, and aches throughout most of her muscles. Out of instinct, Emmanuelle approached the girl and tried to comfort her by holding her hands. They both began to shake and their pores widened spontaneously, yet they were unable to let go. Blood drained out of the girl’s arms and forced itself into Emmanuelle’s. After the process was over, the girl was feeling better than ever. Emmanuelle, however, was not. She started to feel the same symptoms that the girl had before. She had somehow removed the illness from her and taken it into herself. Feeling his sister’s pain from the other side of the school, Andrew raced down the halls and burst into the doctor’s office. Again out of instinct, they grasped each other’s arms and repeated the process. Andrew pulled the disease into himself, but did not become sick like she had. Instead, he nullified it. He even managed to heal her broken arm at the same time. Apart, Emmanuelle’s and Andrew’s abilities were useless. He couldn’t heal anyone on his own, and she couldn’t heal anyone alone without suffering from their condition. They gladly joined Bellevue so that they would have the resources they needed to start a healing foundation. They could not heal other people’s physical injuries (though Andrew could heal both his own and his sister’s), but together they healed literally countless people of otherwise incurable diseases. After enough time, they stopped aging, and were discovered to be incapable death. They turned out to be two of only three true immortal anomalies.

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