Monday, August 24, 2015

Microstory 131: Radimir Lazarov

There were a number of completely unrelated people who could either sense or, in some way, manipulate waves on the electromagnetic spectrum, but they all sat in their own spot. Radimir Lazarov was capable of sensing radio signals ranging from high frequency to very low frequency waves, but could not transmit or manipulate them in any way. This allowed him to receive data being transmitted across the FM and AM bands, analog television, and shortwave radio signals. He was born and raised in Russia and actually never stepped foot in Bellevue, or anywhere outside of Europe, for that matter. He grew up not really having any idea what he could do with his ability. He was able to listen to music or watch television no matter where he was, and without anyone knowing, but he never thought that to be very useful to others. Once joining Bellevue, however, he was assigned to the Communication and Handling division for all of Europe, working closely with Tracy Wickham and her team of field operatives. As the result of a conversation two early members of the organization had regarding the mere possibility of someone with Radimir’s abilities, he was jokingly addressed as the Human Police Scanner upon first discovery. In fact, European operatives would come to refer to the HPS system when learning or discussing the details of their missions.

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