Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Microstory 122: Francis Deering

One major restriction in the evil religion of Amadesis is sexuality. In the early days of development, humans pursued homosexual relationships at a relatively mild rate. The biological imperative to propagate the species was too strong and important in those times. But as the population settled into a nice pattern, adoption and surrogacy became technologically feasible, and happiness began to supersede biology, people felt comfortable with forming long-lasting relationships with members of their own sex. Bisexuality was generally assumed about a person unless they actively identified themselves as monosexual, or something else. As a byproduct of this gradual paradigm shift that they detested, a small cult that had once exiled themselves to the deserts of western North America found ways of increasing their numbers to excruciating proportions. They recruited those tested to be susceptible to suggestion, and in need of something to follow blindly. They stalked and harassed their family members, keeping records of their lives that were so detailed, it forced them to join as well. They manipulated their own laws so that they would allow both polygamy and child rape, extending a member’s ability to conceive for them new members; ones that could be emotionally molded to their liking.
Their obsession with increasing the population was so radical and destructive that their number one rule was heterosexuality, not only in practice, but in true feelings. Bisexuals, monosexual homosexuals, and the worst in their eyes, the asexuals, were considered counterproductive to society. Amadesins worked hard creating entirely unscientific instruments designed to measure a person’s sexuality, and using the utterly falsified data to remove unwanted properties from the subjects. The money that they charged for these review sessions funded further evil endeavors. The only thing that protected people from Amadesin wrath was the law, and the fact that such beliefs, even at a low degree, were practically nonexistent amongst non-members. Therapist Francis Deering was an incredibly special individual from the nation of Texas, and the face of the necessarily growing active anti-Amadesin movement. She primarily identified as female, but was capable of physically reassigning her own gender at will. Her biology was studied and used to perfect gender reassignment for anyone who needed it. It was for this reason that she was absolutely the most in danger from Amadesins, and had to be protected.

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