Thursday, August 13, 2015

Microstory 124: Sandro Watts

Sandro Watts was a man with no country, named by an Italian and English couple who helped deliver him on a boat that was transporting immigrants looking for new lives in Mexico. His mother died in childbirth and no one knew who she was, though there were rumors that she was originally from the Mesopotamia-Osroene Isolate, a powerful and ancient civilization that all but never interacted with the rest of the world. Despite MOI denying such claims, this was enough to give Sandro a rare status in the world. He became a citizen of the Confederacy and the Confederacy alone. His adoptive fathers were given positions in the government, and Sandro grew up at a special school for children of diplomats and officials in Mexico. Sandro eventually joined the same paramilitary organization as Máire and Seoc, crossing paths with them occasionally, but never working on the same team. He belonged to a large platoon instead of a small strike force like the brother and sister, using his ability not only offensively, but also to enhance the rest of the soldiers.
Sandro’s fingers were capable of projecting small darts; each serving a different purpose for the target. His left-hand pinky could increase stamina, his left-hand ring finger could increase speed, his left middle finger could increase strength and tolerance for pain, and his left index could heal injuries to a certain degree. Each digit on his right hand essentially served as the opposite of the one on the left. Darts from the right-hand index could kill, the middle finger could cause excruciating pain, the ring finger could paralyze, and the pinky could put someone to sleep. His left-hand thumb could neutralize the effects of any and all darts, but it did not project its own darts, so he would have to touch the subject for this. His right thumb secreted an oil that could create a small or massive explosion, depending on volume. In order for his body to be able to create these projectiles, it would have to carry such properties on its own. This meant that he was faster and stronger than the average human, and he could rapidly heal his own injuries. Sandro became an honorary member of Bellevue late in its fourth stage of recruitment, though he never officially joined, preferring to remain in his position with the Confederacy.

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