Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Microstory 132: Adam Nicks

No one in the entire universe was busier than Adam Nicks. He was involved in every major historical event, if only in a small way. He appeared to be drawn to trouble, but the truth was that he had in his possession an incredibly powerful and comprehensive security system that alerted him to the goings on of his peoples. He could perform some tasks remotely, however many things needed to be done in person, and so he would rush off without notice, much to the dismay of whoever he was helping at the time. He was not an anomaly, and would have to spend vast amounts of time away from Bellevue due to a particularly gruesome war in another galaxy, so he was considered more of an honorary member; a consultant, as it were. But he made vital contributions to the cause, sometimes without others even noticing. Adam was an immortal, and the only one of his kind. He presumably had zero weaknesses; he didn’t need to breathe, he didn’t feel pain, and he could not be injured in any way. He refused to tell anyone exactly how old he was, though there was a known minimum to his age. Other certain immortals and long-living people had encountered him earlier in their lives, and knew him to have been around for at least several thousand years. He came across the founding members of Bellevue before they had started recruiting strangers, and helped make some initial decisions. It was his idea to set up headquarters at an unused hotel, somehow aware that its owner, Basil Ploutos, would be open to an unusual arrangement. Though Adam wasn’t always available to Bellevue, he would often show up when he was most needed to provide advice and even advanced technology and expertise. It was the ability of a very special anomaly who ultimately let him finally find peace in death.

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