Monday, August 3, 2015

Microstory 116: Upton Starr

Upton Starr was one of the few anomalies who grew up with an inherent understanding of their ability without ever having used it accidentally. He always knew that he could easily be immortal, and how he could achieve this. All he needs to do is take an object and bond with it so that his lifeforce is connected to it. If he dies, his consciousness uploads itself to the nearest of his objects, and he will be resurrected in a brand new body. Without ever having attempted this, he knew that the body attached to each of what would later be referred to as starr stones would appear at the same point of development as he was when he created it. He started making starr stones every week since he was a child, and later learned to control which stone he ended up coming out of following any given death. There is no telling how many stones are hidden around the globe, but he uses them more often than is probably psychologically healthy. He purposely puts himself in physical danger so that he can quickly learn skills that would otherwise take a lot of caution and patience. It’s also unclear how old Upton is. He has admitted to having pushed his life into a stone that was made when he was very young, so he has grown up at least twice. No records from his life before Bellevue remain today, so no one is even certain whether Upton Starr is his real name. It took some convincing, but Upton eventually agreed to join Bellevue, but with some conditions. He works with a small team at an offsite location within a department ominously referred to as Special Projects. Throughout the decades, the team members refused to divulge their inventions until they were perfected. However, once these inventions were ready, they proved to be extremely useful to society. One particular invention took centuries to develop, and was instrumental in the salvation of the entire planet, though Upton was not around to see it come to fruition.

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