Friday, August 7, 2015

Microstory 120: Ellen Snider

When Ellen Snider was a child, she was a brilliant musician. She wasn’t said to be at prodigy level, but she was particularly excellent at reapplying the skills she had learned from one instrument to another. Her single mother built her a soundproof room in their house so that she could practice whenever she wanted without disturbing others, or being disturbed. She was incredibly intelligent, but she suffered in school because she refused to complete the work. Her mother spent countless hours arguing with her about it, stressing the importance of being a well-rounded individual. After years of poor grades, Ellen finally began to work harder in tertiary school and found herself gravitating towards the sciences. She went on to study marine biology in college and ultimately found a job performing experiments in the field. Though her love of music never went away, she never regained the amount of interest she had in it when she was younger, and she was glad that her mother forced her to study other things. As an anomaly, Ellen started out being able to levitate over the ground. She could propel herself upwards at a 90 degree angle, give or take only a few degrees, which meant that she wasn’t able to fly forwards. She never thought this to be a very useful ability, and all but forgot about it as she grew up. But everything changed when she met the love of her life. Levi was able to fly as well, but had his own set of limits. Theirs was the first case wherein an unbreakable connection of soul mates altered the nature of abilities. After years of being together, they both started losing their restrictions. An encounter with them came just before a chain reaction in Bellevue that caused the same thing to happen to many others already within the organization, proving that there was something all anomalies had in common, even though they were the results of different genetic engineering.

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