Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Microstory 443: The State of Things

I’m going to take a bit of a break from our story to go meta. As I brought up in the introduction, this was first planned as two feature films. I almost wish I had moved to Los Angeles and pitched the concept to...I dunno, who’s a famous filmmaker you guys like? I was worried about not understanding how companies work, and it turns out that I was right to. I especially don’t know what it would be like to run, or work for, a company that builds windows and doors. As you might have guessed, just from the titles, each installment took place on a different floor, in descending order. The movie would have had dialogue, and I tried that here, but it didn’t really work. I ended up transforming it into a sort of spiritual follow-up to my Perspectives series. Half the time, I probably failed to make it clear who each voice was, and what they did for the company. Sorry about that, my bad. I wish I could tell you I will do better for this next set, but I can’t promise that. I recently read a tweet from a writer/filmmaker named Christopher Leone (that’s it, I should have asked him to make my movies) who said, “whatever I’m currently writing is highly annoying but I’m really excited about the next thing. This is a constant state.” This rings true to me, but I hope it changes next year. I am really excited about Headlines, and 121 Taikon. These are two things I’ve never done before, and I’m interested to see how they turn out. I’m especially anxious about the second one because it exists within a mythological context of my primary canon. If you think that’s confusing, just wait. It’s basically the Book of Revelation, but as written by a different author with different ideas about what’s going to happen. It’ll be crazy. Now you’re asking what this has to do with the series at hand. I’m sorry that I’ve digressed. What I’m going to be doing is continuing the story by going back to each floor and adding to the perspectives. My thought right now is to write them in conversational mode, which is something I’m planning in full for a 2019 series. This could act as a test for that concept. Welp, I’m about to dive back in and hope that it works out. Wish me luck. Or don’t, whatever.

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