Monday, November 21, 2016

Microstory 456: Floor 30 (Part 2)

One: Be careful, Two. What are you even looking at?
Two: Hey, hand me those survey goggles.
One: Here ya go. What’s down there?
Two: Something interesting, I believe. [...] Yes, just as I thought.
One: Why, what is it? Something funny?
Two: If you find death funny, then sure!
One: There’s a dead body?
Two: Yeah, give me a second. I’m almost completely certain it’s that stoner temp that the accounting team is always looking for. He thinks he doesn’t know that we know he comes up here to smoke the day away.
One: Oh my God, that’s terrible.
Two: Is it?
One: Yes, all life is precious.
Two: You might want to rethink your standards, Two. Your life doesn’t have value just on its own. You have to actually do something with that life. You have to work at something, and make a difference. I’m not saying we can all be a brilliant scientist, or globe-trotting aid worker, but you have to at least try. Am I saying this dude was the worst human being on the planet? Of course not. I’m not even saying he deserved to die like this, or at all. But, unless they suspect foul play, which I suspect they wouldn’t, then I imagine his fall was the direct result of his actions. He did drugs, lost his balance, and suffered for it. He could have been sober, and doing his job, instead of being up here, and he probably would have survived.
One: That’s a lot of supposition. We don’t actually know what happened.
Two: We don’t, but the fact remains that he was a poor employee, and a drug addict. Again, I’m not pleased that he died, but I’m certainly not going to waste my tears on him.
One: Yeah, I get what you’re saying, and if we were speaking purely hypothetically, I might even agree with you. But the fact is that a non-evil person has passed, and we should all mourn him. He wasn’t perfect, maybe he wasn’t even great, but he had potential. We all have the opportunity to work on ourselves, and do better in the future. When you die, though, that opportunity is stripped from you. Maybe he would have stayed the course, but maybe he would have finally grown up and done something great with his life. Maybe all he needed was one more mistake to bite him in the ass. We will never know, and that flavor of uncertainty always puts a bad taste in my mouth.
Two: Wow, maybe you’re not the one on this floor who needs to rethink their standards.
One: Come on, we have to report this. It doesn’t look like they know about this particular death yet.

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