Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Microstory 458: Floor 28 (Part 2)

Sales Team Leader: Bad Salesman, could you come step into my office?
Bad Salesman: Sure, boss. You want I should close the door?
Team Leader: Don’t worry about it.
Salesman: Sure thing.
Team Leader: Do you have any idea what I wanted to talk with you about?
Salesman: Are you finally going to fire me?
Team Leader: Look, you’re a great guy. Everybody loves ya. You really keep us sane in this crazy world we’re livin’ in, I’ll tell ya that much.
Salesman: Of course, thank you, I appreciate it.
Team Leader: Well, we’re not quite at the end of the year, but it’s been decided that you just gotta go. We’re gonna be workin’ real hard to make this company more modern, and the old ways of cold calls just aren’t working.
Salesman: I understand.
Team Leader: Make no mistake, Salesman, the department, and even this team, is going to be sticking around. But it will be smaller, and I’m afraid you just can’t be a part of our new vision.
Salesman: Yeah, I totally get it.
Team Leader: I know you’re hurt. I know you’ve given us all you could. You’ve always come in on time, and I’ve listened in on your calls; you’re really good at making the customers feel like you’re one of them.
Salesman: Sure sure.
Team Leader: Everyone here at Analion is going to miss you a real lot. You’re the heart of this department, you really are. We think it’s just time for you to move the heart of another place, ya know? It’s time for you to spread your wings and—
Salesman: Is this gonna take much longer?
Team Leader: I just hope that you’ll continue to refer all your friends and family to our business. That’s what’s truly important; family, ya know? I think I’ve lost my train of thought, but you see what’s going on? You understand?
Salesman: Can I go now, or is the lockdown gonna keep me trapped up here? I kind of feel like visitors should be able to leave.
Team Leader: Sure, buddy.
Salesman: I’m taking a handful of these decorative water marbles for my niece.
Team Leader: Perfect.
Salesman: Thaaaanks.
Team Leader: [...] Ahh, he’s a cool dude. Don’t you think?
Human Resources Representative 3: What the hell did I just experience?

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