Thursday, November 24, 2016

Microstory 459: Floor 27 (Part 2)

IT Tech: Mr. Rho, I wasn’t expecting you. Are we no longer on lockdown?
Rho: We still are. I broke through it so you and I could have a chat. I saw it as a perfect opportunity for us to speak without being seen by anybody else.
Tech: I’m afraid I don’t understand. Was there something we needed to discuss?
Rho: I know that it was you who sent the authorities information assisting in their investigation of our company. Now, wait...don’t get defensive. I’m not here to call you out on it. I’m on the board because of my background. I come from a family of justice-servers. Cops, lawyers, judges, news reporters. My whole life, I’ve been taught the value of fairness and honesty. For a long time I’ve been upset with this organization for its failure to be open to the public. I don’t have all the information of what happened, but you seem to, and I was hoping you would explain it to me.
Tech: Well, I have the raw data, but I never took time to analyze it. I was too busy with my day-job. If you give me some time, though, I can provide you with a report.
Rho: People know about my family history on my mother’s side, but what most don’t know is that my late father worked as a systems analyst for a national bank, working to solve transactional inefficiencies. If you give me the raw data, I could analyze it myself.
Tech: Okay...
Rho: Or we could work on it together? It’s not that I don’t trust the authorities with the information, but I know all about time and bureaucracy. I need to know for sure that something is happening, and I need to be in control of it. I need to make sure that the truth comes out, and you can help me do that. No one would suspect anything. A board member and a techie, we could fix this.
Tech: When can we start?
Rho: How ‘bout now?

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