Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Microstory 452: Floor 34 (Part 2)

Logistician: What happened?
Repairer: It’s not looking good.
Logistician: Is it the atrium skylight?
Repairer: They’re saying that Alpha fell through it.
Logistician: We blocked off the area.
Repairer: Yes, but just with caution tape. It wouldn’t have been hard for him to get past it.
Logistician: Well, obviously, but you think he purposely stepped under the tape and, what, stood on it? To what end, to prove that it was safe?
Repairer: I think he was...um...distraught over the company problems.
Logistician: You think he killed himself? [...] That’s good.
Repairer: What?!
Logistician: I just mean for us, especially for you. You installed a bad window—
Repairer: The measurements were off! There was nothing I could do!
Logistician: I know. As I was trying to say, the window was bad, but we noticed it before he had officially moved in there. We cordoned it off so that it was very clear that no one should stand on it. We did everything we could to protect people. If he chose to ignore our warnings, then there was no way for us to save him.
Repairer: They’ll still blame us for it being faulty in the first place. They’ll blame me.
Logistician: You installed the window, but other departments designed and manufactured it. We’ve been through this already.
Repairer: That was before I killed someone.
Logistician: Don’t say that. I’m serious. You can’t use that kind of language, or people really will fault you for it. It doesn’t matter how it turned out. You cannot assume responsibility for this in any way, shape, or form. We stick to the plan: deny, deny, deny.
Repairer: Logistician, I can’t afford a lawyer.
Logistician: That’s exactly why we stick to the plan.
Repairer: I’m just saying...I have to trust you with this. I have to trust that you’re on my side, and that I won’t be left alone if things go south.
Logistician: The rest of the company can crumble to ruins, Repairer, but I promise you that I protect my people. I will never let you down. We are in this together. Know that, and make sure the others do as well.
Repairer: Okay.

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