Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Microstory 442: Basement (Part 1)

People are usually quite surprised when they come down to the basement and discover it to be clean and well-lit, but I insist on it. It’s important to me for my entire workspace to be easily accessible, organized, and free of pests. Insects, like cockroaches, thrive in the dirt and dark. I know it’s not great for the company’s wallet, or for world resources, but I have to keep the lights on at all times. I’m the only one who works down here, so that’s my right. At the moment, the company is going through a great deal of turmoil. Everyone is afraid of being laid off. Everyone is worried about what’s going to happen to the company, or whether they’re going to be sued. Of course, as a humble custodian, I have no such worries. I’m quite well-versed in the latest automated cleaning technologies, and would be able to find another position in a flash. I’m not educated enough to repair the little robots, but there will always be a need, at least for the foreseeable future, for someone to clean and maintain them, and to make sure that they’re actually doing their jobs. I spend a good amount of time in my basement, but the automation also affords me to go out to the floors and observe people. That’s always been my main draw towards large corporations. People leave you alone, and don’t notice when you’re there. I’ve learned a lot from the office workers. Everyone thinks they know the root of all their problems. Many of them are partially correct, but no one has the full story, because you have to see Analion as a single unit of many parts. Look at any one of these parts and you fail to understand the truth behind the unit. You can’t break down something like this, analyze it, and expect to find any useful answers. No one person is at fault the defective windows. Everyone contributes in their own way, and so everyone had a hand in the deaths. Some were more involved than others, but no one can be completely removed from the equation. I can tell you what happened. I can tell you everything. Just let me first get to the other side of the building. The elevator is about to crash.

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