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Friday, November 25, 2016

Microstory 460: Floor 26 (Part 2)

Lawyer: Investigator, I thought you left long ago.
Investigator: I thought I had as well. I’m not entirely sure how I got back here, and now there’s a guard at the elevator making it look like I can’t leave.
Lawyer: That’s weird. And yeah, we’re on lockdown...because Alpha fell down the atrium, and the executive elevator crashed. You didn’t hear?
Investigator: No, like I said, I was at home. But while I’m back, I might as well go over my new findings.
Lawyer: I didn’t think you would have any further findings. We kind of have everything we need to protect the company. The tech upstairs did it.
Investigator: Ah, but you don’t have what you need. There’s another crack in the system of which the company is likely not aware. Take a look at these files.
Lawyer: [...] What is this?
Investigator: Proof. Of what you did. Of several things you did, actually. I’m sure there’s more. These are only preliminary results.
Lawyer: What are you gonna do, call the cops?
Investigator: I carry no loyalty to justice. Analion is paying me, and it is Analion who I’ll inform about this. They can handle it how they choose.
Lawyer: Analion won’t care. I did my job. I protected them. Just because the things I did weren’t legal, doesn’t mean they weren’t right.
Investigator: Well, I guess we’ll see how they feel when I finish my report, won’t we?
Lawyer: I don’t think you wanna do that.
Investigator: I’m sorry?
Lawyer: There are some things you’ve done that weren’t exactly illegal either. Unlike you, I actually do have—as you called it—a “loyalty to justice”. I will contact the authorities about your unorthodox methods of investigation.
Investigator: What are you talking about?
Lawyer: This image on my phone is all you need to know that I’m not lying.
Investigator: That’s a picture of a light fixture, with what looks like a bunch of dead bugs.
Lawyer: Oh, that’s for maintenance. [...] This picture.
Investigator: Where did you get that? Did you have your investigator investigated?
Lawyer: Of course. We needed to know if we could trust you.
Investigator: Did you have the investigator you hired to investigate me investigated as well?
Lawyer: What?
Investigator: No one knows I’m here. I still don’t know what happened, but a dozen people must have seen me leave, and zero people saw me return, including myself. There’s something weird about this building, but I think I’m gonna use it to my advantage, and hope it somehow whisks me away once more.
Lawyer: What are you goin’ on about?
Investigator: It’s not exactly the top floor, but we’re still high enough. I hope you enjoy the express trip down the atrium.
Lawyer: What? Noooooo...!

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