Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Microstory 447: Floor 39 (Part 2)

Omicron: Where the hell are the vice presidents?
Lambda: The who?
Omicron: The vice presidents. This is their floor. I could have sworn I saw them all coming up here.
Lambda: Omicron, this floor is for “future use”. No one works here yet.
Omicron: No, this was specifically designed according to very detailed instructions by the vice presidents.
Lambda: I still have no clue who you’re talking about. Who are the vice presidents?
Omicron: The VPs? Of the company? That we work for?
Lambda: Analion has never had any vice presidents, except for Beta. Alpha was very clear on that. He didn’t want Beta’s title to be sullied by anyone else’s use. It’s just him. Are you looking for Beta?
Omicron: What nonsense are going on about? Of course we have vice presidents. They practically run this place!
Lambda: I think you should probably sit down, and maybe go home. And maybe see a doctor.
Omicron: ...
Lambda: What are you doing now?
Omicron: I’m pulling up our company website so I can show you the leadership profiles and prove to you that I’m...they’re not here.
Lambda: Well, they wouldn’t be since they don’t exist.
Omicron: Who caught the mouse with his bare hands at the end-of-the-year party two years ago?
Lambda: That would be The Cleaner. He did it with a mousetrap. Who would pick up a disease-ridden vermin with their hands?
The Cleaner: It would seem that you are capable of remembering things that you should not be able to?
Lambda: Where the hell did you come from?
The Cleaner: I’m not talking to you.
Omicron: Why does Lambda not remember an entire group of people?
The Cleaner: They tore themselves from the spacetime continuum. It is very interesting that you remember.
Omicron: I don’t understand.
The Cleaner: No, you wouldn’t. But you will. If you’re willing to let me teach you.
Omicron: Teach me what?
The Cleaner: Do you like salmon?

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