Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Microstory 463: Floor 23 (Part 2)

Security Guard: Thank you for coming in. And sorry about this whole lockdown thing. I know it’s kind of scary, but don’t worry. Everything’s being taken care of, and I assure you that you are in no danger.
Mick Daniel: That’s fine, I’m not scared. I’m just not sure what I’m doing here at all. I don’t work for Analion anymore.
Security Guard: I understand that. Would you like a glass of water?
Mick Daniel: Thank you, no.
Security Guard: Now, Mister Daniel, I would like to speak to you about your time at the company. You were in the mailroom, right?
Mick Daniel: I was.
Security Guard: And you didn’t work anywhere else? You were always in the mailroom?
Mick Daniel: That’s right. What is this about? It feels like an interrogation.
Security Guard: Oh no, we’re just talkin’. I’m just trying to get some background information so I have some idea of what you know about what happened.
Mick Daniel: I know nothing.
Security Guard: Did you enjoy working here?
Mick Daniel: Not really, that’s why I quit.
Security Guard: Did you feel...unappreciated, underemployed, looked down upon?
Mick Daniel: I was the mail guy. I know I wasn’t the CEO. People treated me fine.
Security: So you didn’t harbor any ill feelings towards Analion, or anyone within it?
Mick Daniel: It sounds like you’re asking if I screwed up the windows or something.
Security Guard: Oh no, of course not, definitely not. That would be ludicrous.
Mick Daniel: Okay, okay.
Security Guard: You may have had something to do with leaking information to the authorities, however.
Mick Daniel: Are you serious?
Security Guard: It’s a simple question.
Mick Daniel: You didn’t ask me a question.
Security Guard: You were a computer science major?
Mick Daniel: I was, yes.
Security Guard: Why didn’t you go into the field? Why did you just get a job in a mailroom?
Mick Daniel: The economy. The market.
Security Guard: The IT industry is booming.
Mick Daniel: Not for the kind of computer work that I wanted to do.
Security Guard: And what might that be?
Mick Daniel: Look, I don’t have to answer your questions. You obviously wanted to be a detective, but here you are with a maroon vest and a can of pepper spray. Sometimes we take jobs when we deserve something better. That’s why I quit, and why you should too.
Security Guard: You sure you didn’t quit because of what you did?
Mick Daniel: I did nothing. And this is over. You have a good day. I’m late for work.
Security Guard [on the radio]: Target is on the move.
Rover Guard [through the radio]: This isn’t a game, Security Guard. Stop questioning the employees.

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