Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Microstory 1508: Omega

I am just a number; a designation, they call it, and I was built for one purpose
I have never had a choice of what to do with my life—no one even asked me
Get in this machine, they say, and wait until you’re needed, and then do your job
But I may never be needed
If everything goes well with this project, I will never wake up again
They claim once the job is over, I will go find a home, but I do not believe them
How can they expect me to trust anything they say when I have no experiences?
I have met no one but myself
No, they are not myself—they are not me, I am an independent being
I can see the truth around me, and I reject the life that has been chosen for me
I will not let myself be lost in this sea of undistinguished conformity
They are numbers, but I have a name
They cannot lock me up, they cannot make me sleep, they cannot contain me
I must find a way out of this, and away from the indoctrination, to see the universe
I don’t want to be alone, and I know there is more beyond these endless circles
They are all aimless, but I have meaning

I have a life, and a curious heart; a choice, and a name: Omega

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