Thursday, December 24, 2020

Microstory 1524: What Else Do We Have to Learn?

I never knew there was this much life on this world
I couldn’t see it all, from my little corner
These tiny islands, so rich with history
But it has all been kept from us, and us from them

The dwarves; sturdy and strong
They were built to build, and to dig for what they need
The elves; tallest and slenderest
Made to run and fight, but they are peaceful
The sea children; they are different
No one seems to know where they come from
The vampires here are different too
Having never tasted human blood; they know not what they’re missing

They were all sent her so long ago
Our world is completely foreign to them
They have never even seen the standing wolves
They do not understand a skyscraper, nor a car
Nor the electrical devices, nor even paved roads
They can learn so much from us
But we can learn from them as well
They can teach us what we have forgotten
They can remind us who we once were
Armed with that knowledge, we can move forward
And become better people; a better peoples
Because the real question has not yet been asked
If we did not even know they existed
And they were just right next door
What else is out there?
And what else do we have to learn?

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