Thursday, December 10, 2020

Microstory 1514: We Were Left Behind, But Now We Are Right in Front

I was one of those who were left behind
At first I was upset
My friends and family were sent to heaven
I figured that I was just not good enough
Why? I asked
What did I do wrong?
Was I that bad of a person?
It took us a little time, but we finally figured it out
The rest of us
It’s not about people’s actions
It’s not about how they dealt with others
It’s not about their perspective
It’s not about what they thought about the world
It’s not about love or hate or pain
It’s not about discipline or humility or contentment
It’s just about one thing
It’s just about the idea of some kind of acceptable supreme being
It’s about everyone who expressed belief in one of the right versions of God
They were rewarded
They didn’t have to be good people
They didn’t even have to be devoted to their beliefs
They didn’t have to attend worship services
They didn’t have to do good deeds
They didn’t have to truly believe what they claimed
They just had to express the acknowledgement of the higher power
It could not have been just any higher power
But it could have been any of many
I have done good things my whole life
They mean nothing now
I suppose they never did
I have always believed in God
But it didn’t matter, not to God
My beliefs were just a little more wrong than all the other wrong religions
Nobody walked the perfect path
Nobody was even close to it
They were just closer than me, and close enough
I never expected to be rewarded
But I didn’t think I would be punished either
Now we are at war, but not out of want
We are at war, because it was forced upon us
No one wants to be here
No one wants to live like this
We are expected to keep going, and keep trying
We are expected to follow the plan as it was laid out before us
I have decided to ignore the plan
I have decided to avoid the war
I do not want us to fight against each other
I do not want us to bring more destruction to these lands
There is an enemy out there who deserves all of our wrath
He deserve to feel what he makes us feel
He made arbitrary decisions with no reason
No reason accept to be loved
So I am going after him, and all who stand in my way
I do not want to fight the believers, but I will
We are the Right in Front
We are going to war against God

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