Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Microstory 1527: Fighting Against an Enemy I Have Always Known

I grew up oppressed
Amongst an oppressed people
In a world of desolation
What I have learned is that we are rare
Most worlds touched by the enemy are destroyed
We were spared, but not for the better
The others, they feel no more pain
Their lives are over, but they do not know that
Many did not even know it was going to end
They blinked, and it was done
They were done
I’m not saying they’re the lucky ones
I can still fight
There is still a chance to save my world
To make it a better place
For me, my family, and my descendants
But it is hard
We are not in a war
It is a rebellion
And rebellions are slow, and unpopular
Like climbing a wall with no summit
A war is easy
There’s one group on one side
Another on the other
Maybe there are more belligerents
But it is still simple
Sides fight against sides, and the winner is clear
In a rebellion, there are no sides
There are just people who oppress
And people who are oppressed
And in that second group, you have me
I am the resistant oppressed
I fight against the status quo
I fight for those who can’t
I live with them, but I am not them
They do not wish for me to lose
But they wish for me not to try
The oppression is bad, but it is stable
We slave for our enemy, but we survive
It could always be worse, and the rebellion risks that
The rebellion worries the oppressed
For if things are this bad without the resistance
How bad will they get if the enemy finds out about me?
What will they do to me once they know?
More importantly, what will they do to the other oppressed?
Am I saving them by rebelling?
Or am I just putting them in more danger?
Am I really fighting an enemy?
Or have I already lost?

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