Monday, December 21, 2020

Microstory 1521: Three Empty Raps

I’ve been beaten and battered
Tattered and torn
Sent to the afterlife where it’s never warm
Tortured and cheated
Teased and transformed
Walked with dark demons and weathered large storms
I’ve multiplied, amplified, horrified, glorified
Stolen from, called a bum
Raced to the top and fallen back down
Told I’d be shot if I made a sound
And what was it for? Tell me, what was it all for? 
I'll never know, never
My life is no more

If you fell into a well
Ring a bell
Use your cell
But don’t dwell in hell
Or yell
I can tell
What you smell is not gel
That you can rub on a shell
Which will swell and rise up your eyes
To the skies
With the flies
As God cries for you guys
And then dies
With her head between her thighs
As you become wise
Win a prize
For your large pies
Filled with fries

‘Cause I’m blind like Fisher; drive your car around the block
Class like Bernthal before he learned to walk
Fat like Pratt..before he GOT G
And Alison’s alibi before she found Community

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