Monday, December 28, 2020

Microstory 1526: Ode to Big Papa

Oh, Big Papa, you are the largest artificial structure
In the galaxy
Perhaps even the whole universe
You make the sun look like lightbulb
You make mountains look like grains of sand
You make me invisible
You were built for no purpose
But to be the largest
Quadrillions upon quadrillions of people
They could all live in your network
With room to spare
But they don’t
They don’t even exist
So why were you made?
I say that it doesn’t matter
You are large and imposing
You are beautiful and incredible
No one could match your awesome power
Your weapons are extraneous
The gravitational pull alone is enough
Enough to destroy any would-be attacker
If it is power you seek
You shall find it
If it is grace, it will be given to you
If you simply want to be seen
Know that we see you
We trust in your greatness
And weep, in awe of your potential
Oh, Big Papa, hear me
You can do or have whatever you want
Just command me
Command me, Big Papa
And we will demonstrate your wrath to the cosmos

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