Friday, December 18, 2020

Microstory 1520: Ruby Ekto, Simon Divto, Kara Trito, Luna Chato, Dana Panto, Tali Hasto, Gaby Sapto, Asher Ashto, Evren Navto, Manny Masto

One is for Growth
For the beginning of the year
We celebrate each other, and our togetherness
It is about new beginnings
We eat desserts

Two is for Scion
For birth and early development
We learn about the circle of life
It is about nature, and all the animals around us
We drink water

Three is for Mask
For make believe and creativity
We dance and sing in the streets
It is about dressing up, and empathizing with others
We eat fruit

Four is for Athletics
For sports and sportsmanship
We compete in challenges, and support our elite
It is about agility and strength
We eat protein

Five is for Fields
For outdoor activities
We plant our seeds, and enjoy the wild
It is about farming and agriculture
We eat grains

Six is for Environment
For the world around us, which keeps us alive
We study our impact on the ecosystem
It is about respecting our planet, and protecting our future
We eat vegetables

Seven is for Community
For the workers in the workforce
We show appreciation for the laborers
It is about ethics, and being a positive contributing member of society
We eat and drink dairy

Eight is for war
For remembering those we’ve lost to our defense
We spread peace, and honor the sacrifices
It is about learning from our past mistakes
We fast

Nine is for Aerobics
For exercise and self-improvement
We promote healthy choices, and an active lifestyle
It is about getting enough sleep, and developing a reasonable schedule
We eat seeds

Ten is for Gratitude
For family and friends
We thank our parents, and our neighbors
It is about loving one’s enemy
We eat a balanced diet

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