Thursday, December 17, 2020

Microstory 1519: The Talking Lamb Who is Talking to You

I’m a talking lamb
I say little lamby things
If you hate the way I talk
Of course, I can always sing

If you’re too tired to run
And there’s nowhere left to hide
You can shear my mama’s coat
And then you can climb inside

It will make you look like us
And the danger, it will pass
It’s just about your perseverance;
How long you can last

If after a while, you find
Sheep life’s pretty great
You can stay with us forever
Hey, perhaps it’s even fate

If you’d rather go back home
And forget you ever met us
As sheep, we will not stop you
We’ll even help you, if you let us

I like just who I am
I believe you’d like it too
But that is your decision
Just make sure to think it through

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