Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Microstory 1512: Fighting Against an Enemy I Do Not Know, and Which Does Not Know Me

All my life, I’ve been a fighter
I fought to survive as a baby
I fought against those who treated me differently
I fought for my country, and I fought for my world
Now I’m being asked to fight for my entire universe
I did not even know such an enemy could exist
This darkness seems so powerful, how can I make an impact?
How can I fight when my heart is not in it?
I am tired of fighting
Tired of the struggle, the fear, the loss
I was trying to stop when they came for me
The threat is so massive that they can no longer afford to do it on their own
They have asked outsiders to join them
I do not have a stake in this
I cannot imagine the enemy will come for me and mine if we remain neutral
They tell me they will
They tell me the enemy does not care what I do
I could even fight alongside the enemy, they say; the enemy will always hate me
I do not know why
I do not know what I’ve done
What we’ve done
All I know is that I do not want to fight anymore
I just want to live in my little house, in my quiet neighborhood
My little non-threatening world
I just want this to be over

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