Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Microstory 1523: When You Go Back to Change the Past, There Are Now Two

There are two of us
There must only be one
Well, that is not entirely true
Two may exist, but one must leave
Only one can lead our life
And this is not only because it would otherwise expose us
There should only be one life per life

We have a number of options
One of us can go live on a new world
Or in a new time
Or a new space
He could live closer, of course, perhaps on the outskirts
But he would have to be very careful
Careful not to interfere
Or damage our reputation
He would need a new identity

He can also die
Sacrifice himself so the other may live free
His mind would be gone
His thoughts
His hopes
But he could die knowing that the other lived
This sounds like a bad option, but it has been done before

The most common outcome is assimilation
The two could become one
The minds melded together so they are no longer independent
One body, the other disposed of
Both will exist, but also neither
A third individual will rise, and take our place
This can also sound scary
But it has been done as well
You always think your mind will be the one to win out
That you will continue, no matter what
But the truth is that even people like us don’t know

We don’t know the answers to these philosophical questions
What is identity? How do you define it?
All I know is that I don’t want to die, or leave, or be assimilated
I want to be the one to continue in this life
He can be the one to leave
I must find a way to make him

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