Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Microstory 1522: You Have No Idea What It’s Like to See What I See

You have no idea what it’s like to see what I see
To know what others have done, to feel their pain
To feel the pain that they have inflicted upon others
They call me a psychopath, but I can’t imagine any other way
I can’t imagine anyone else would be any different than me
Did I have to become a killer? Who can say?
I certainly could have used my gifts to help people directly
To free them from the evil, and show them out of the darkness
But there are plenty of people in the rescue business
And they don’t have my curse; they don’t see what I see

Some need to be punished, for they are too far beyond redemption
The court system, I know will fail us, if it hasn’t already
Not everyone who is guilty is caught, and I know that better than anyone
And what is a crime anyway? How do you define it, and what doesn’t count?
I see a lot of twisted histories from my victims
Not all of them were criminals, at least not in any official way
But that is how the legal system fails us on a general level
You can only convict for a particular crime, and only with proof
I have no proof, but that does not mean I don’t see what I see
I can see the whole person; who they are completely, and not just in one instance

I see the worst thing they have ever done
And if I look again, I see the second worst thing
If I look at them enough, I start to see the picture of their life as time paints it
I start to know them entirely, and they are criminals because of it
One little thing here, and another minor thing there
None of it seems too bad if you only know about a few of them
But most people are pretty despicable when you total their lives
I am the totaler, and therefore, the judge, for I could tell no one else
And even if I did, they would not be able to do anything with what they know
I can—I can act upon my knowledge, and I must

I am the only one who can exterminate the disease of humanity

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