Monday, December 7, 2020

Microstory 1511: A Child Undone

I lost my child today
When the sands of time flew back up the hourglass
I was left with nothing
Many found new hope
They could correct the mistakes of their future
But I was not so lucky
He has not yet been conceived
And I understand causality; he never will
Even if I attempted to recreate the scenario
I could never make him again
It could never be him
His creation was undone, and cannot be redone
Damn whomever did this to us
Damn whomever forced us back in time
Damn the science that made it possible
And damn those who benefited from it
I know it’s not their fault
But I also cannot forgive them
Time is meant to move in one direction
I would have never thought to call the reverse blasphemy
But I, more than most, can see the damage it has done
People died, caught off guard by the temporal shift
Others were destined to die, but who knows now?
But I am here, lost and alone
At least the ones who died in the catastrophe still had a chance
At least the ones who would have died can try to change it
I wish to change nothing
I wish to go back to how it was
I wish for my child

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