Friday, December 25, 2020

Microstory 1525: The Best Luck is Not Luck at all, But Skill and Understanding

I have the best luck
Except that it’s not luck at all
I can control reality
Rather, I can control my own reality
Nothing can hurt me if I don’t want it to
There is always a chance to escape danger
Or at least that has been my experience
If there is a chance of anything, I can exploit that
I can rig the chances so they fall in my favor
The greater the chance, the easier it is
But the difficult ones are still possible
nd I’m one of the best at finding those preferable outcomes
Put me in any bad situation
I will find a way out of it
Even if it’s crazy, like a fall from a skyscraper
Even if no one else could have thought of it
Because that’s the trick that they don’t know
I don’t have to come up with the best way to alter reality
I just have to decide on my outcome
I look to the future, seeking out what I want
I send my thoughts to that eventuality
And the path I take there opens up on its own
You see, everyone else makes it really hard on themselves
They concentrate too hard, and it keeps them from succeeding
They want to control every little detail about the world around them
But you don’t have to do that
Just surrender to the world
Let it help you find your way
Live this regulated life as you would an unregulated one
Be present in the best reality, which already exists
Don’t try to create it yourself
That is the only way to survive as one of us
Or rather, it’s the only way to be truly happy

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