Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Microstory 1517: What a Nickel is Worth

What is a nickel worth?
A nickel is worth nothing
It’s less than nothing
Meeting a nickel is like spending some money, and then being robbed for the rest
A nickel will screech in your ears, and pinch you red
It will corner you, and skunk your face
It will keep you awake, or hold you in water
It won’t drown you, understand
But it won’t let you get out and get dry
The trick to beating a nickel is by getting it to think you’re fine with what it’s doing
Try to run, you will be found
When you think you’ve escaped a nickel, you haven’t
It’s waiting for you around the corner
You can hurt a nickel—even kill it
Nickels are not very strong
They’re just annoying
But even if you do manage to get rid of a nickel, another will come take its place
A nickel is worth nothing, but a group of nickel is worth everything
That is why Adversary created so many
They are expendable and pointless alone, but hellish together
What happens to a nickel when it dies?
Does it simply return to hell?
What if it dies in hell?
If I kill a nickel, could it come back to haunt me later?
There is no way to know
They never stop coming either way
I would pay a million nickels just to never see another nickel
And I would be richer than I have ever been

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