Friday, December 11, 2020

Microstory 1515: What I Was Made to Do, And How I Am Meant to Do It

Time moves slow while I’m here
I am on the outside
But I am on the inside
I’m in between
The fast immortals
And the normal living
It is my job to keep the system cold
I was only hired for two days
I won’t even need to work the entire shift
Yes, time moves slowly for me
But a lot happens
A second is nearly two months
A year would be millions
We could be here for a year
But there is no need
The dead will be resurrected by then
I do not know why time must move slowly
I do not know why we are here
We could not live close to home
That I understand
But we did not have to be so far
I suppose it wouldn’t matter much to me
I could be here for a day
Or thousands of years
I would not have to notice a difference
I could shed my memories of yesterday
And start anew every time
I was made for this work
I was made for nothing but this work
And when it’s over
I will be destroyed

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