Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Microstory 1518: I Was Born a Mother

I was born a mother, and I know how crazy that sounds
But it’s completely true
It’s just not the whole story
My mother was also born pregnant
As was her mother
And her mother before that
I am not the result of the immaculate conceptions, though
None of us is
We have all become pregnant with the same child
We take hundreds of days to form
The Quantum Child takes hundreds of years
We just keep passing it down the line
In every generation, a young woman in the family is chosen
Chosen to take on the responsibility
We don’t know who exactly is making this choice
Perhaps the mysterious powers that be
Maybe God
It might even be time itself
But it’s never been a very hard job
Each woman is pregnant for one day out of the year
The earlier Quantum Mothers had it easy
They barely noticed any difference
It was just like getting a little sick once a year
And having to worship the porcelain deity
If that
The latter Quantum Mothers, like me
It’s a little harder
But it’s still easier than a regular pregnancy
Which we have to deal with as well
For the Quantum Child to survive
A new Mother must be born
A new Mother must be chosen
I am in the third trimester
One of my daughters will soon take my place
And she will be the one to deliver this baby
The Quantum Child will finally start its life
And no one knows what that looks like
At least I’ll still be alive to see it
I can’t wait

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