Thursday, December 3, 2020

Microstory 1509: This is What We Do

I do not believe the world will end, but it could
We must be prepared for all eventualities
While our sister hides underground, we remain above
It’s great that they have a way to live on
But we don’t just save lives, we save civilization
We stand ready to protect, and correct, and affect
We risk our lives so that others will live, and live well
We will not go below, even when all options have faded

I do not believe the world will end, but there is evidence
The sun becomes fiercer, and threatens the lands
It threatens the seas too, and that threatens us all
War continues to be the resting state of the world
Hunger hurts more overtime, not less
The rich and greedy take what they want
There are rumors of external forces at play
There is so much that could happen we could never predict

I do not believe the world will end, but it is not up to me
I am only here to do my job; my one little job
I control nothing, but I am an important part of the machine
If I break, I can be replaced, but I must be replaced
Without my job, the machine would fall apart, and hope would be lost
So many things could go wrong, and so many people could cause it
I will continue to do my part, even if my role changes
I will not falter, or question the plan, or make my own choices

I do not believe the world will end, but it takes work
All must be vigilant, and be looking out for the signs
Danger lurks everywhere, whether by nature or man
The system is not perfect, but it must be maintained
It can change, and improve, but not through destruction
Anyone who believes in a clean slate will do nothing good for the world
We will stand in the way of all who conflate cataclysm with progress
This is what we do

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