Friday, December 4, 2020

Microstory 1510: Little Bladapod, How You Have Changed Me (For the Better?)

Oh, little bladapod, you have changed me
My skin was soft and monochrome
Now it is like tie-dye
Now it is full of holes, leading to my insides
I am taking regular antibiotics, just to prevent infection
I can detect everything around me, which is great
But I can sense the bad with the good
I can feel when someone is sick, but I cannot help them
I know when two people should fall in love
And I can tell when they won’t listen to my advice about it
I could even tell you the exact carbon dioxide levels in this room
I can see so much about this world that I couldn’t see before
In many ways, my life is now amazing
I can certainly appreciate the benefits

But why, oh why, little bladapod, did you see fit to remove my feet?
I shouldn’t say removed, as they were more replaced
Flatish circles at the bottom of my legs
They let me stand somewhat, but they are no good for walking
Were I a tripod, this may not be so bad, though not much better
Sitting is not much easier, as you have also reversed my knees
They had to engineer a special backwards wheelchair
I suppose I should thank you, little bladapod
For letting me keep my eyes (my cousin was not so lucky)
For not making my hands adhesive (my neighbor has to feed her husband)
For not forcing me to always speak at a yelling volume (sorry, boss)
The whole world changed when you spread your gases across the atmosphere
There is only one question we ask ourselves now
Was it for the better, or are we doomed?

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