Monday, December 14, 2020

Microstory 1516: Catalysis Upon The Verge, And All its Cohorts

The Verge
Why do you exist?
Why are you always pulling us towards you?
And pushing us away?
We cannot go around
We cannot move you
It is not the inconvenience of travel
When you can go anywhere in the universe in a matter of hours
Does it hurt much to double the time?
I say not, but that is not the problem
The problem is control
Whoever controls The Verge controls the universe
We must always pass through you first
Therefore we must always pass through them
They decide who goes where
They decide to accept or reject us
They approve or disapprove our wars
They regulate trade
They do not deserve this control more than anyone else
They are simply the ones powerful enough to have taken it
I do not want this control
I do not want to make the decisions
I say we let the people decide for themselves
No more control
We must have a Verge, that much is physically true
But we can do what we will with this limitation
Can’t we?
I propose we disassemble this regulation
I suggest we dismantle the force that chooses for us
Some will call it chaos
But I call it freedom
I call it justice
I say this is how it is meant to be
This is how we can find true happiness
This will bring peace
Because the protocols they have in place
Only encourage disunion
We can end that
We can end the control
This is the beginning
The beginning...of Catalysis

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